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Extends Longevity of Fresh Produce

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Fresh’n Crisp extends the life of your fruits and vegetables, saving you money and helping you eat healthier. By simply placing the Fresh’n Crisp pod near your unwrapped fruits and veggies, you dramatically lengthen their shelf life by up to 20 days. You can throw it anywhere in your refrigerator, in the crisper bin, or even within a storage container That’s all it takes!

Fresh’n Crisp means less wasted food, less wasted money, and fewer trips to the grocery store.

  • Extends life of fruits & vegetables
  • Saves money by preventing waste
  • Lab proven to keep produce fresher, longer
  • Safe. Doesn’t contain heavy metals, as other brands do
  • Safe for use with all produce
  • Use with dry produce only
  • Replace every 3 months