Fresh’n Fridge FAQs

Q: How does Fresh’n Fridge work?
A: Fresh’n Fridge utilizes Amorphous Silica(SiO2) a performance proven and safe technology of to virtually eliminate all odor perceptible to humans. Used widely in commercial applications and consumer goods ranging from toothpaste to cosmetics, the high surface area of silica used in Fresh’n Fridge rapidly absorbs odor for up to 90 days

Q: Why is Fresh’n Fridge better than baking soda?
A: There are many myths about baking soda which have been spread over the years. Baking soda simply provides an adsorbent material that can soak up some odors -- but not very effectively. Some of the odors found in the refrigerator are acidic, therefore the alkaline baking soda can absorb and neutralize the acid. However, it is not all that effective because, as the powder in the box contacts water vapor, it will crust over and lose a great deal of its already limited surface activity.

Q: How long does it take to work?
A: Fresh’n Fridge works immediately, the high-surface-area amorphous silica used in Fresh’n Fridge rapidly and safely absorbs odor

Q: How do you activate it?
A: No activation necessary, just put Fresh’n Fridge anywhere in your refrigerator and freezer. Fresh’n fridge will also stop odor from being absorbed!