How Fresh’n Crisp Works

Molecular sieve has enormous internal
surface area of close to 1,000 m2/g
  • Fresh’n Crisp keeps fruits and vegetables fresh by managing the gases (oxygen, CO2, ethylene) that affect the ripening process. Ethylene gas is created by produce during the ripening process. When other produce in the fridge absorbs that ethylene gas, the ripening process speeds up, leading to wasted fruits and vegetables. Minimizing ethylene gas in the air around your produce greatly slows down the ripening process.
  • Fresh’n Crisp is a sorbent, specifically a molecular sieve, one of the FDA recognized methods (CAS - Controlled Atmosphere Systems) for the management of gases associated with ripening, e.g. ethylene, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Fresh’n Crisp absorbent bead bind ethylene gas (created by produce in ripening process) to aluminum silicate spheres
  • Aluminum silicate occurs naturally in zeolite
  • Fresh’n Crisp utilizes a synthetized (purified) zeolite characterized by pores and crystalline cavities of extremely uniform dimensions maximizing product performance
  • Simply place the Fresh’n Crisp™ pod near your unwrapped fruits and vegetables to maximize the life of your produce


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