Fresh’n Crisp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ethylene gas?
A: Ethylene gas is created by some fruits and vegetables during the ripening process. When those fruits and vegetables create ethylene in closed storage (fridge, containers, bags) other produce absorbs that ethylene gas, the ripening process speeds up, leading to wasted fruits and vegetables.

Q: How does Fresh’n Crisp™ work?
A:  Fresh’n Crisp keeps your fruits and veggies fresh longer by using an FDA recognized method of ethylene gas control. Fresh’n Crisp utilizes super absorbent molecular sieve beads to bind and trap the ethylene gas molecules present in the air. Molecular sieve occurs in nature as zeolite, a mineral.

Q: How do I know when Fresh’n Crisp™ stops working?
A: Stored fruits will begin to ripen faster. Fresh’n Crisp should be replaced every 90 days.

Q: Can I use Fresh’n Crisp™ in a fruit bowl?
A: This is not necessary – ethylene is free to escape into the air. Ethylene gas only speeds up the ripening process if the fruits and vegetables are in a container or refrigerator.

Q: How does Fresh’n Crisp™ compare to other products?
A: Fresh’n Crisp™ is highly effective and easy to use. Storage containers and storage bags that claim to extend life of produce are costly, bulky and inconvenient. Fresh’n Crisp™ is inexpensive and simply placed in fridge!

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