Why You Will LOVE Fresh’n Purr

Fresh’n Purr™ is non-toxic and safe for cats, your home, and the environment. It’s affordable too – just one 5oz bag of Fresh’n Purr™ will last up to 90 days! All you need is one scoop of ultra-concentrated Fresh’n Purr crystals in your litter box at a time (scoop provided).

Many litter deodorizers on the market are just plain baking soda with a low grade, commodity floral or medicinal fragrance found in baking soda based deodorizers. Baking soda based litter deodorizers require frequent changes of the entire litter box with a layer of the baking soda deodorizer on the bottom of the box and on top. When those products get soaked with urine, they typically become caked and release a foul odor. Fresh’n Purr™ does not dissolve, cake or change composition after it gets wet with urine … Fresh’n Purr just keeps working.